At Cacapon…

Hello everyone! I just got back from a short trip to Morgan County, West Virginia and I can’t wait to share some of the places I visited with you…

My first stop is “Cacapon State Park

Cacapon (pronounced CaCApon) is a derivative of a Shawnee Indian word meaning “medicine waters”. These waters come to the surface approximately ten miles from Cacapon at the nearby Berkeley Springs State Park. My next stop!

The Cacapon Mountain Overlook was once visited frequently by George Washington. It overlooks the Potomac and Great Cacapon Valleys and three states; West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
Cacapon Park Lake
On my way to the Outlook , I stopped for this cute deer who posed for me
Beach at the Cacapon Lake



If Walls Could Talk…

Hello everyone!

I am talking about walls that talk art!

This time, I wanted to share with you, my recent visit to “Wynwood Walls”, in Miami, FL.  Wynwood, is a funky neighborhood, an urban graffiti district. Walls and buildings are full of colors and designs that reflect the extraordinary talent and uniqueness of locals and well known street artists. Also, a great place for street photography!.




Pine Glades Nature Preserve

Hello everyone!

Pine Glades is a beautiful 6,651-acre natural area that protects a sensitive pine forest and wetland habitat. It is also part of the  Northeast Everglades Nature Area (NENA). Great spot for nature photography in Palm Beach County!_MG_8590_MG_8610


_MG_8586Florida sandhill cranes are commonly seen roaming along the pastures. Cool facts…All cranes “dance” with one another, bowing, jumping, running, wing flapping, and tossing sticks or grass. Though most commonly associated with courtship, cranes of all ages may dance in any season. Crane dancing is thought to strengthen the bond between pairs and may also reduce aggression between birds. (

Mom and baby 



Black-bellied Whistling-ducks are fun!

Hello everyone!

Last weekend, I went back to Wakodahatchee wetlands, for a little sunset adventure.


This time, my nieces Amanda and Ale were in town, so I invited them to come with me.


It was late afternoon and stormy. The birds were already perching on the trees and there were a group of black bellied ducks along the boardwalk that were truly performing for us. One of them even posed for a selfie!

Yes, I’m adorable, sociable and very noisy!
Did I say…a bit feisty


The whistling-ducks were formerly known as tree-ducks, but only a few, such as the Black-bellied Whistling-Duck actually perch or nest in trees.
selfie time!

The purpose of this visit was to introduce the kids not only to photography, but to nature and most importantly wildlife. My nieces loved it so the visit was successful!