Exploring Lake Worth, FL

Hidden gem in Lake Worth…

Adjacent to the Lake Worth Municipal Golf Course, and North of the Lake Worth bridge sits “Snook Islands Natural Area”, a large habitat of mangrove, an oyster reef and seagrass that houses a variety of marine species and birds.

Take a stroll along the beautiful boardwalk to the gazebo where you can enjoy beautiful views of the shoreline and the Lake Worth Bridge. This location is also good for birdwatching. You might be able to enjoy a variety of birds like Herons, American Oystercatcher, Pelicans and Doves…so don’t forget to bring your camera! A few steps from the boardwalk is the fishing pier, a popular meeting place for locals waiting for the big catch of the day, a Seatrout…maybe!

Bring your kids to explore nature, and learn about Snook Islands and Bryant Park Wetlands.


3 thoughts on “Exploring Lake Worth, FL

  1. It must feel good to live in such a pleasant environment with a summer-like weather all year round. Your post gave me a big lift this morning with its beautiful photos. Christmas greetings from chilly Canada!


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