Action photography…CrossFit


I recently attended my first CrossFit competition “Wodamania” in West Palm Beach. Teams of two completed four workouts throughout the day putting their strength and endurance to the test!. It was a mental and physical challenge where only the “FITTEST” survived!


From the Photography point of view…photographing CrossFit is HARD!. The intensity and fast pace of the workouts demands a constant adapting and moving between the photographer and the athletes._MG_2850

It is a very busy venue with spectators, coaches and even athletes working near you, so at times it could be challenging to get the desire shot or the right angles, but at the end, it is all worth it!._MG_3238_MG_3251_MG_2915_MG_2885For more pictures of this event go to



6 thoughts on “Action photography…CrossFit

  1. I shot my first Crossfit Competition in September. It helps knowing the different movements because you can better predict what they will do next. But, I agree. Still difficult. Especially since CrossFit gyms or “boxes” are usually darker and poorly lit. Nice job!!

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