Bird surveillance…




Action photography…CrossFit


I recently attended my first CrossFit competition “Wodamania” in West Palm Beach. Teams of two completed four workouts throughout the day putting their strength and endurance to the test!. It was a mental and physical challenge where only the “FITTEST” survived!


From the Photography point of view…photographing CrossFit is HARD!. The intensity and fast pace of the workouts demands a constant adapting and moving between the photographer and the athletes._MG_2850

It is a very busy venue with spectators, coaches and even athletes working near you, so at times it could be challenging to get the desire shot or the right angles, but at the end, it is all worth it!._MG_3238_MG_3251_MG_2915_MG_2885For more pictures of this event go to


Wekiwa State Park…


The Wekiwa State Park has all the fun under the sun!…Thirteen miles of trails provide opportunities for hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding. Canoeists and kayakers can paddle along the Wekiva River (there are plenty of kayaks and canoes for rental) or just enjoy wildlife. You will see playful deer along the roads and did I say BEARS! Not really, I didn’t see one, but the park is well known for having them.


Wekiwa means “Spring of Water” 
Wekiwa Springs
 Canoe/Kayak launch
Kayakers  on the Wekiwa river
Deer close encounter


The day after the storm…

Hello all!

Hurricane Irma just visited the peninsula of Florida, where I live. It was an unpredictable and deadly storm that kept us in a very uneasy state for days, but now is just history.

We were fortunate enough to wake up this morning to just a messy yard. I rode my bike around the community and there were trees down, branches everywhere, but no casualties. I was happy to see the birds back in the pond._MG_2357





Mallard at the pond…


Cool facts…Mallard ducks will usually form pairs in October and November, and will stay in pairs until the end of breeding season, which occurs in early March and extends into late May.

The mallard is considered the ancestor of most domesticated ducks.
During migrations, mallards will often stop for rest in locations they have visited before.
During an eight hour flight, migrating mallards are capable of traveling up to 800 miles.